At BankSmart, we have a clear understanding of what it takes to successfully manage the bank or branch acquisition process. We have translated that knowledge into an innovative, web-based SmartKit that is both user-friendly and affordable.


Contract Renewals and Vendor Evaluations

The BankSmart team has the experience and expertise necessary to help your bank contract for the appropriate products and services at the most competitive pricing.

SmartKitsSM - Designed by Bankers for Bankers

Each of our innovative SmartKitsSM includes clearly defined project plans, timelines, team member and vendor responsibilities, as well as functional activities.

Why You Should Choose BankSmart

BankSmart's sole objective is to assist financial institutions with significant functional projects by creating efficiencies and saving your bank money!

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Vendor Evaluation and Contract Negotiation

Banksmart helped us with an operational review, full vendor evaluations, and finally contract negotiations. Their services were extremely valuable throughout the entire process. They saved the bank many times more than the cost of their service through the efficiency of their pricing models and primarily through vendor contract negotiations. Matt Nightingale, Katahdin Trust Company

Contract Renegotiation

Our bank recently went through a “tech” overhaul and BankSmart’s contract negotiation process allowed us to clearly see the differences in products, services, and prices. Thanks to them we were able to make (and document) an informed decision while saving a significant amount of money. Kelly Jones, The Citizens Bank


We are extremely satisfied with the results the BankSmart team achieved in our contract renegotiations. Their service was returned to us ten-fold in savings. James Hagood, CBC National Bank

Contract Renegotiation

The team at BankSmart was a tremendous help to our bank. Through their operational review, they provided recommendations to improve efficiency. As they worked with us to re-negotiate pricing and services with our core processor, they were extremely responsive throughout the process and the negotiated price provided significant savings to the bank. Their expertise and results were definitely worth the cost. Charles DeWitt, Resurgens Bank

Bank Acquisition SmartKit

We love the Bank Acquisition SmartKit product. What a lifesaver it has been for me. It makes the process so much more manageable. Janet Bossi, Ocean City Home Bank

Vendor Evaluation and Contract Renewal

The team at BankSmart was very thorough and provided an exceptional level of service, the consulting services received were valuable and far outweighed the fees paid. Jodi Turner, PrimeSouth Bank

Branch Opening SmartKit

. . . you are a pleasure to work with! You’ve made my life – and this project – manageable. Barbara Hainley, Security State Bank

Vendor Evaluation and Contract Negotiation

We used BankSmart to do an operational overview of our processes. We were very pleased with their professional performance and the results that we received and the results pointed us in the direction of looking for a new core. BankSmart was very instrumental in helping us evaluate different cores. They did all the work crunching the numbers and helped us with an apples-to-apples comparison. I highly recommend BankSmart to help with this daunting task. Pauline Garrett, First National Bank & Trust Co.

Contract Renegotiation

The consulting services we received far exceeded our expectations and the fees we paid were a bargain for the results we realized. The BankSmart team is a pleasure to work with, are very thorough, and provided an exceptional level of expertise and service. Rod Schlosser, First Southern Bank

Vendor Evaluation, Contract Negotiation, and Bank Acquisition SmartKit

B.O.E. Bancshares engaged BankSmart to evaluate two outsource solutions, ensuring each met the requirements of the project scope including a merger, a conversion, new core products, new enhancements, and a migration from an in-house solution to an outsourced arrangement. This was an enormous, highly complex project and the BankSmart Team tackled the project head on, performed flawlessly during the entire engagement, communicated every detail superbly, effectively satisfied the project’s criteria in every aspect, and was instrumental in obtaining the best pricing advantage and service levels. We are very pleased with the performance of BankSmart and the bond established as a result of the project. John Lawrence, Liberty National Bank

Branch Opening SmartKit

I have opened numerous new offices in my career but the Branch Opening SmartKit has really been beneficial to me. It leaves no stone unturned, keeps tasks on track, and has kept me from missing key events. Sharon Thornton, BankFIRST

Bank Acquisition SmartKit

The Bank Acquisition SmartKit kept us on task and timely. The default template made us think of things we would never have remembered and helped us start some very important discussions with each other and our vendors. As the project manager it helped me stay organized. Lisa Talbot, First Community Financial Bank

De Novo Consulting and Vendor Evaluation and Contract Renegotiation

We believe that no matter what the project, from de novo consulting, to contract negotiations, to a bank acquisition, the folks at BankSmart are a great team and will work hard to insure that your project is completed timely, efficiently and to your satisfaction. Steve Cameron and Sharon Jones, Stonegate Bank


Bank Acquisition SmartKit

“BankSmart was a life saver. It is so comprehensive and covers many items that would have been overlooked during the acquisition process. The software not only kept us on track to meet our deadlines, it also let us add items that were unique to our bank. We will definitely use the SmartKit again when we go thru our next acquisition” Cindy Ullmann, BankWest

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SmartKit clients

  • Vista Bank
  • MidAmerica National Bank
  • ACNB Bank
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News & Stories

BankSmart welcomes MidAmerica National Bank as our latest Bank Acquisition SmartKit client


BankSmart welcomes MidAmerica National Bank as our latest Bank Acquisition SmartKit client.  MidAmerica National Bank of Canton, Ill., plans to acquire Henry, Ill.-based Henry State Bank.  As of Dec. 31, 2016, MidAmerica National Bank, a subsidiary of MidAmerica National Bancshares Inc., had $337.5 million in assets. Henry, a subsidiary of Henry State Bancorp Inc., had assets of $99.4 million.  Sheila Henderson, SVP/Operations of MidAmerica National Bank, said “We are excited to partner with BankSmart to manage this acquisition.  Bank acquisitions have a lot of components and dependencies, the SmartKit will help us manage those items and ensure a smooth transition.”

BankSmart welcomes Vista Bank as our latest Bank Acquisition SmartKit client


BankSmart welcomes Vista Bank as our latest Bank Acquisition SmartKit client.  Lubbock, Texas-based Vista Bancshares Inc. has inked a cash-and-stock deal to acquire all outstanding shares of Hamlin, Texas-based Hamlin Financial Corp., in a transaction set to close during the second quarter.  Hamlin National will merge into Vista Bank once the transaction closes.  Randy Runquist, Chief Operations Officer of Vista Bank, said, “We look forward to working with the BankSmart team and utilizing the SmartKit to more efficiently manage and successfully complete this important project for our bank.”

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