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At BankSmart we approach every project with one purpose in mind, helping our financial institution clients find solutions that not only fulfill their needs, compliment their resources and meet their budget but also enable them to establish the critical vendor relationships on which their long term success will ultimately depend.

With our practical, hands-on approach we demand more from the vendor evaluation and selection process. We request more specifics and details about your bank’s needs, collect more research on the vendors strengths and history, and ultimately provide more accurate information to ensure that you make the best decision for your bank.


The foundation for any value that a bank consulting service brings to their client starts with experience. That’s why the members of our team are especially selected based on the practical knowledge and hands-on experience they’ve gained in working through the daily bank operations and fundamental elements that make a community financial institution successful.

Nothing breeds knowledge and expertise like first-hand experience, that’s why we ensure that our team members have more than enough to assess your needs, address challenges and manage your project efficiently.

Follow Through

Whether starting a de novo bank or converting to a new account platform, we know that finding the right solution is only half the battle. The real challenge is making it work. That’s why our team not only provides you with the comprehensive process review and research to make a smart decision but also helps you design an implementation plan to turn that smart decision into an effective solution.

In building a working partnership with your staff, we provide your institution with the knowledge to support the new system and satisfy your technology and security requirements without exceeding your budget.

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